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We offer both a pay on hire pricing option and a flat-fee hire credit option to cater to your recruitment goals.

Standard fee

of base salary on hire +VAT
100 day full rebate

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Only pay when you hire.
Only pay when you hire.

Looking to hire multiple candidates?

Our Flat-Fee Hire Credits are paid upfront and include a set number of hires.

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Some questions you might have

What happens if I hire through you and then decide the candidate isn’t quite right?

For peace of mind, we offer a 100 day, 100% rebate period if you are on our standard fee (130 days if you are on a plan). You receive 100% of your money back if it does not work out with your new employee and they cease to be employed by you within the first 100 days. Please note this does not apply to non-permanent hires e.g. internships.

What do you charge for temporary roles?

Our percentage fee applies for every month that the individual is employed. There is no rebate option for non-permanent hires. If a temp role goes permanent (after an internship for example) you would also then pay our permanent hire fee.

If I hire, what are your payment
terms for your on-hire fee option?

You will be sent an invoice when your new employee starts work. This will be payable within 30 days. There is no fee if you don't hire.

Why is the fee on hire so low? Is there a catch?

This is because of the process and software so there isn’t a catch. We pass on the cost savings that our platform offers to our clients, it's that simple.