A graduate role in Sales

What does it involve?

Above all, the hallmarks of a future great salesperson are confidence, drive and clarity in communication. Sales, however, is a very broad area and can be anything from a highly technical role (selling software to sophisticated buyers) to one where relationship building skills trump all.

You can be sure that you'll be constantly challenged; the best salespeople tend to raise expectations which then have to be met. Businesses tend to acknowledge the importance of their sales team - without them not much would happen!

At its best: A fast-paced, engaging, exciting and hugely rewarding role in which you feel like a winner, relishing being constantly challenged. You're in control, selling a good product or service to reach hard but realistic targets. You're given freedom to innovate and try new channels and messages - and you choose when you're on the phone.

At its worst: Ludicrous expectations hang over you - but without the support or guidance from the rest of the business needed to back that up. You're expected to sit on the phone calling pre-described contact lists with a terrible success rate, and sell a product which, ultimately, you don't really believe in.

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