Graduate Handbook

Marketing & PR

What does it involve?

At TalentPool we think about marketing & PR in broadly three categories: 'Agency', 'Corporate' and 'SME':

  • Agency: means working at a marketing or PR agency - companies which 'do' the marketing/advertising and/or PR for a number of other businesses. This could involve overseeing campaigns or initiatives for a product launch or for a large consumer goods business.
  • Corporate: or often referred to as 'In House', means being in a team within a larger company - where the work you do is for that employer. So, for example, this could mean running PR campaigns for a clothing business.
  • SME: is an acronym for 'Small & Medium Sized' business. So here you would take on more responsibility than at a Corporate, very often being in a team of three or fewer!

At its best: A core function in nearly all businesses, exposed to both the internal and external elements of the company, covering everything from delicate corporate communications to planning and launching striking visual campaigns; fun people, plenty of parties, well respected and lots of scope for glamour, drama and excitement - all whilst developing very transferable skills.

At its worst: A peripheral function with limited budget, authority or autonomy pushing a message dictated from 'on high'.

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