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Our guides for employers and candidates on how to navigate the entry-level job market.
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Customer Service

A graduate role in Customer Service

What does it involve?

A job in customer service will give you the opportunity form relationships with customers to either sell a product or service or help them out with any problems, queries or complaints. As one of the biggest sectors in the UK, it is a key area within a business and can hugely impact how customers perceive the company. You will be spending your time interacting with the public on a day to day basic and there is a huge sense of satisfaction in knowing you have helped someone.

Jobs in customer service can be incredibly varied with what you do be dictated by what queries and problems come through to you – no two days will ever be the same. Customer Services can help you develop a range of transferable skills which you can use either as your career develops or in other roles. There are no specific degrees which are required in these roles – as long as you have a positive attitude, great listening skills and are good at communication you will go far.

At its best: Varied and incredibly rewarding – you will be helping people on a day to day basis and directly seeing the positive impact of the work you do.

At its worst: Dealing with angry or difficult customers can be the most difficult part of the job. As the job relies on what issues come in that day, slow days can happen which can mean workload comes in peaks and troughs.

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