Content & Social Media

A graduate role in Content & Social Media

What does it involve?

Increasingly, businesses of all sizes need to engage with their clients, customers and stakeholders through social media. As more and more of our communication takes place online and through social channels, so companies have learnt the importance of taking social media seriously. There's now a growing opportunity out there to produce, curate and manage content for employers - be that articles on a specific subject for a B2B (business-to-business) company's clients or to drive wider awareness of a particular issue for a charity.

Content & social media management sits at the intersection of marketing, advertising, PR, corporate communications and media - and the balance will differ depending on the organisation. For those with humanities or language degrees, it can be a great route into exciting businesses and a first step on the path to a senior marketing or communications role.

At its best: Wide ranging and engaging role with lots of freedom to shape the image of a brand amongst a target audience, influence thousands of people every day, engage with public dialogue, be creative, write, think and learn about your sector, PR, digital marketing, communications & graphic design. This will set you up for everything from marketing & PR to a career in publishing, communications or journalism.

At its worst: A monotonous role where you say what you are told to, hammering the same message again and again without any scope to be creative, make any unapproved comments or read/write/design outside very narrow bounds.

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