Admin & HR

A graduate role in Admin & HR

What does it involve?

Good administrators and HR managers are invaluable team members. They are the ones that the people building and selling a product rely on to keep the engine of the business working efficiently. Admin and HR team members are also often the most sociable employees, organising team outings and making sure everyone feels comfortable and happy at work.

To be good in these roles you'll need a combination of patience, focus, drive and attention to detail. Patience because you'll be dealing with people less organised than you. Focus and drive will mean that things still get done. And finally, you'll need attention to detail because your team will be relying on you to get things absolutely right. Admin & HR isn't about forms and lists. It's about the efficient, often beautifully elegant internal workings of a company which have ramifications for both colleagues and customers.

At its best: You'll be surrounded by great colleagues, doing what you're best at, gaining satisfaction from nailing your responsibilities, either managing administrative processes and flexing huge organisation skills or bringing in and managing fantastic new members.

At its worst: This is a role which is seen as peripheral, without support from the rest of the business or appreciation for the complexity of what you are doing, tasks are sent your way without scope for interaction with the rest of the business or discussing what you are supposed to achieve.

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