Account Management

A graduate role in Account Management

As businesses grow and gain more customers, it becomes increasingly important to make sure those customers are happy; maintaining relationships to foster repeat business is the role of an Account Manager.

Fundamentally, account management is about holding, maintaining and growing relationships - relationships upon which the prosperity of businesses depend! Typically, Account Managers are found in B2B (business to business) companies, which is to say that the customers are other businesses. Good Account Managers understand their own product intimately, the market around them and the competition. They also really get to grips with their client's businesses; they need to know what matters to them. It's for this reason that becoming an Account Manager is a very good way to learn about the world of business because you'll be exposed to lots of different companies, sectors and business challenges.

At its best: Full-throttle engagement with a varied client base, with your responsibilities and exposure ranging across all functions from marketing to sales, operations and finance; seeing how a service is delivered first hand, taking responsibility for your employer's brand and constantly solving problems on your feet.

At its worst: A mundane role which has an uncomfortable and forced sales element (not a bad thing but maybe not what you were looking for), very focused on delivering a series of set procedures as opposed to really understanding and then solving your client's problems.

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