Your Graduate Job Hunt

Top tips for finding a job after university

Landing your first graduate job is, more often than not, a daunting experience filled with plenty of unknowns and uncertainties. With the aim of demystifying the whole process and providing answers to any questions you may have during your job hunt, our team has put together The TalentPool Handbook. The Handbook is a collection of our definitive views and advice on the different stages of your graduate job search.

To begin with, we’ve dedicated the first section of our Handbook to providing overviews of the most common sectors that graduates decide to work in - how roles differ within these sectors, what the key skills to succeed are and what opportunities there are for career progression. If you’re unsure about which initial direction you’d like to take your career in, have a read through these pages and use our Career Decision Tool to assess whether a particular role could be right for you or not.

The rest of our Handbook is divided into three sections according to which stage of your job hunt you are at: pre-application, mid-application and post-application. We cover an array of topics ranging from creating an online presence and building up the right sort of work experience, to how to write the perfect CV or cover letter and what to wear to your next interview.

We hope you find our Handbook useful and, as ever, if you have any questions or would like some additional advice, just shoot us an email at contact@talentpool.com

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