How to Make the Most of TalentPool

Getting your job hunt off to the best possible start

By signing up to TalentPool, you're already one big step closer to securing a great job. To ensure that you get as much as you possibly can out of our platform, we have a few points we'd like you all to keep in mind when using TalentPool:

Fill in your profile as fully as possible

It's really important that you ensure that your profile contains as much information as possible. The reason our sign-up is so quick and easy is because we only include the bits that employers care about - but this does mean that it's all important and the more you fill in the higher your chance of getting matched with a role that's right for you.

Only add your most relevant experience

As part of our sign-up, we give you the option to add up to five examples of work experience to your profile - this includes any sports or societies you've been involved with as well as any volunteering experience you may have. Although you probably have more than five bits of experience, just select the experience that is most relevant to the sector you'd like to go into or the experience that you are most proud of. Employers will see your CV later on once you apply for a role so this is simply for the initial selection process.

Update your profile if anything changes

Be sure to regularly update your profile. The job opportunities you are sent will be based on what you've told us about yourself during the sign up. So, if anything changes - if you get some more work experience, learn a new skill or change your mind about which sectors you'd like to work in be sure to let us know by logging into your account and updating your information!

Make sure you've got an up-to-date CV on hand

Whenever you progress a role through TalentPool, the employer will typically ask you to send across your CV and some short question answers as part of the application process. For this reason, we highly recommend having an updated CV that's ready to send across. Don't forget though, you must always tailor your CV to the role in question - take a look at our guide here to make sure that your CV is in tip top shape.

Take time when answering an employer's questions

These questions usually require short answers but this doesn't mean that they require less effort than a traditional cover letter. Don't spend hours on them, but do think carefully about what you would like to say and your effort will pay off!

Apply quickly to any roles you'd like to progress

The sooner you apply for a role, the better the impression you'll make. Of course, this doesn't mean that you should rush your application - don't leave it until the last minute. Since a TalentPool employer will typically only request your CV and the answers to a few short questions, the application process shouldn't take you longer than an hour to complete!

Be ready to pick up your phone

If an employer has selected you to apply for their role then it's likely they'll be getting in touch! Keep your phone on you and don't ignore calls from employers even if you have changed your mind about progressing with the role - it's bad manners and you never know who else they know in the industry.

We're always on hand to help

Finally, do remember that if you have any questions or would like some advice we're just a phone call or an email away. We always love hearing from our members so make the most of us and don't hesitate to get in touch!

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