How to Prepare For Your New Employee

How to prepare for your new graduate hire

From the moment they accepted your job offer, your new recruit will have been thinking about their first day in their new job. Starting a new job is an exciting, important and daunting prospect at any stage in your career, and never more so than right at the beginning. This preoccupation tends to mean your new hire is, although a little nervous, ready to go. It’s important that, as their new employer, you are too.

To help you ensure that your relationship with your new team member gets off to the best possible start, we’ve jotted down our top tips on how to welcome your new employee to your business and, in many instances, the working world.

Before they arrive

Make sure that everything your new employee will need is set up in advance as it'll be a struggle to give them tasks to do otherwise.

  1. Is their deskspace ready along with any desk supplies they might need - pens, business cards, paper etc.?
  2. Are you providing their own laptop or have you instructed them to bring their own?
  3. Do you they need a mobile or telephone set up?
  4. Have you created an email address and email footer for them?
  5. Provide any access or log ins to social platforms or tools that your company uses - Google Drive, Slack, Trello etc.
  6. Send them an email with clear instructions for arrival - perhaps contact them the day before to double check they know exactly when to arrive, where and with what.
  7. Prepare a timetable or agenda for your new employee's first couple of weeks with regular catch ups, lunches or coffees so that the whole team gets a chance to meet them and vice versa. Some of of these catch ups should be purely to get to know your employee (non-work related).
  8. Ensure that everyone on the team knows your new employee is starting, and ideally, a little bit about them before they arrive.

Their first day

Remember that recent graduate employees are not only new to the company, but also often new to the working world too. Taking the extra time to explain how everything works and providing them with some extra training will pay off in the long term with a committed and happy employee.

  1. Give them a tour of the office - show them the common areas, how everything works and where everybody else sits.
  2. Provide a detailed overview of the company and outline your expectations to them, asking them about their own too.
  3. Explain to them and allow them to become familiar with all the tools or systems they will be using.
  4. If possible, arranging a welcome lunch on day 1 is a great way to welcome your new hire.

Their first month

  1. Assign a clear project or focus for the month to make expectations are met all around.
  2. Plan regular check-in sessions to track their progress and plan their career development.
  3. Encourage interaction with the team - it's a good idea to schedule an out of work social during this month to help the team bond with their new member.

Once your new hire has settled in, you still need to ensure you've put enough measures in place to continue with their development and learning. Have a read of our tips on retaining your graduate hire.

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