How to hire a graduate for a Marketing role

Candidate profile:

A creative, proactive individual who is able to manage a range of projects from start to finish, with an enthusiasm for digital media and an interest in entrepreneurial businesses.

A degree in Marketing is useful but not essential. Essay based subjects like English, History or Journalism are desirable as they prove that the candidate can write well.

Top skills:

  1. Written & verbal communication
  2. Organisation
  3. Interpersonal
  4. Customer service
  5. Willingness to learn

Non-office experience

  • Organising events for a society or department, writing newsletters, managing budgets and sitting on committees all show the organisational, communication and management skills a candidate needs for a job in Marketing.

Office experience

  • Practical experience in Marketing, such as an internship or placement is incredibly valuable. Not only will the candidate have a good knowledge of the day-to-day workings of a Marketing role, but they will also know that it’s a sector they’d like to pursue.
  • Similarly, work experience in a professional setting is beneficial as it shows the candidate will have the necessary business skills required for marketing, such as dealing with people in the workplace.

Green flag

  • Has an interest in and is aware of brands
  • Has their own blog or social media channels (or at least shows an interest in those areas)

Red flag

  • Someone who has not researched the company
  • Spelling errors in their application for a role like this are a particularly strong warning signal!
  • At interview

    • Set a short writing task to be completed before or even during the interview to further assess their writing abilities. (Make sure you also have a read of their blog if they have one before the interview to assess their writing style!)
    • Ask the candidate for an example of how they would write a tweet or Facebook post for your company.
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