TalentPool’s Employer On-boarding Process

How it works

After speaking to our Sales team about the position you’re hoping to hire for, as a TalentPool employer, you are passed over to one of our Campaign Managers to get set up with TalentPool.

In this article, we delve into our simple employer on-boarding process through which we help start-ups and SMEs build their teams.

The on-boarding call

Our on-boarding process always begins with an on-boarding call from your Campaign Manager. The purpose of this call is to help get you set up on our platform and finalise your role description, as well as to let you know about the many ways your Campaign Manager can support you throughout your hiring process. Specifically, in this call you’ll:

  • Discuss the role you’re looking to hire for in more detail. Since you’ve already discussed who you’re looking to hire with our Sales team, your Campaign Manager will usually use your on-boarding call to discuss anything in your role description that’s unclear. This includes anything from what salary range you’re offering to the type of experience you want candidates to have. Clarifying this information allows us to apply filters to tell our matching engine which candidates to target and engage, ensuring you only get relevant applicants through our platform.
  • Learn more about how our platform works. Your Campaign Manager will prepare you for what to expect once your role is live and you start receiving applications. You don’t have to pay anything up front in order to launch a campaign – we believe in charging a reasonable on-hire fee when we deliver results for you.
  • Receive advice from your Campaign Manager. Your Campaign Manager will be your point of contact while you use TalentPool. They’ll be on hand to tweak your targeting and make suggestions about your role – for example the job title or salary level – based on their expert knowledge of previous campaigns. They can also tell you what you need to do to make your campaign better, based on the feedback they’re getting from candidates who decide not to apply for your role.

Once your role is live

Once your role is live, you’ll receive a confirmation email and should start receiving applications within the next 48 hours.

For each campaign launched through TalentPool, we aim to get you a manageable shortlist of about 8-15 top quality applicants – in our experience, the optimal number for a successful hire.

Whenever a TalentPool candidate applies for your role, you’ll be notified by email, with the application attached and the option to connect with or reject them there and then. You’ll also be able to login to your account and see it there.

When you connect with a candidate, we’ll send both you and them an introduction email. From there, it’s up to you how you would like to interview and assess the applicant. Your Campaign Manager will be in touch every week to see how you’re getting on and check if you have any feedback or need to tweak any aspect of your role.

If you reject an applicant, they’ll be sent an automated rejection email from TalentPool.

When categorising applicants, we recommend connecting with every applicant you like the look of as soon as possible. In our experience, applicant responsiveness drops after about three days, so it’s important to keep them engaged!

Hiring and closing your campaign

If you make a hire, just tell your Campaign Manager and they'll close your campaign for you and sort out payment. All other applicants will automatically be rejected.

Our candidate tracker identifies any unreported hires of our members, and in such situations we sort out payment with the client accordingly.

Our candidates

We spend a huge amount of time and effort making sure our membership is right for our clients. We have arrangements with many of the UK’s top universities, who encourage their students and graduates to use our platform.

We also use a variety of channels – primarily digital marketing – to ensure prospective candidates have what our employers are looking for. Our marketing is targeted towards very specific university societies to online communities because we know that getting the right candidates is fundamental to our success.

We’ll never pester you or try to ‘sell’ you a candidate, as a recruiter might. This is completely against everything we are about. We’ll offer general guidance should you request it but, as a rule, we don’t look into individuals who’ve applied to your role.

So, how can I get started?

There are a few different ways that you can get started with TalentPool:

  • Give us a call. Your Campaign Manager will run through your role with you and advise you on how best to set up your campaign – just ring 0208 004 4466.
  • Email us your job advert. You can send over your job and company description to contact@talentpool.com, and one of our Campaign Managers will set up and launch your campaign for you.
  • Head straight to the platform. Here, you can set up a campaign yourself. Once submitted for review, we’ll set up an on-boarding call to quickly check over your job advert and filters.


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