Employer Branding

How to promote your employer brand

In this tech-driven day and age where information is so accessible online, candidates are able to research and vet their prospective employers like never before. It's now believed that 80% of job seekers will look up their employer online to help them decide whether or not to apply for a role at their organisation. This means that your employer brand - the way your business is perceived as an employer by the outside world - can either heavily facilitate or limit your ability to attract and retain top talent.

We've identified 3 key reasons why creating a strategy for developing and promoting your employer brand is something your business should devote a reasonable amount of time and effort into:

  1. The competition for recruiting the right talent for your business is only increasing.
  2. Employers can no longer rely on recruitment advertising alone to attract candidates (like we used to be able to do).
  3. Our employees are now the most important advocates of our business.

Where do you start?

First things first, in order to differentiate yourself from your competitors in the current 'war for talent' and to support your recruitment needs in the long term, you need to have a clear idea of what your EVP (Employer Value Proposition) is.

  • How is your organisation currently perceived as a place to work?
  • How would you like to be viewed as an employer?
  • What makes you unique as an employer?
  • What can you offer your employees that other organisations can't?
  • What does a typical employee profile look like?
  • How could your employees' work satisfaction be improved?

Understanding the difference between how you are currently perceived as an employer compared to your competitors and how you'd like to be will help you understand what your key messages to get across are. Thinking about your current employee profile will help you identify who you are aiming to target.

How do you communicate all this?

Once you've got a clear definition for your EVP and target audience, you can start promoting your employer brand in the following way:

1. Active social media presence

A strong presence on your social channels is the best means to showcase what it's like to work for your company on a daily basis. Think about your company description and focus on promoting the same message and image across all your platforms - the aim is to build up a brand that is instantly memorable and instantly recognisable.

It's better to focus on keeping one or two social media channels up-to-date with regular content than five which have little or no activity.

Images on Instagram and videos on YouTube are a particularly effective way of providing a real insight into the everyday life and culture of your organisation, communicating the impact of your work and emphasising your core values. Sharing inside stories and pictures of the team is a great way to build a more 'real' employer brand reputation. You want to quickly get across to prospective employees looking you up online that not only do you have a great product but that your company is also a great place to work.

2. Your employees as your best advocates

Your current employees are the golden ticket to showing off how great an employer you are - people trust what a company's employees have to say about their employer. Ask your employees to write reviews about your company on platforms such as Glassdoor and encourage them to share your company's brand message on their own social media channels. It goes without saying that this all depends on your employees' work satisfaction levels being high - listen to their needs and wants and be ready to adapt accordingly to improve them. Happy employers are not only more likely to be more productive, but also more likely to stay on with your company.

Remember that the Careers and About Us pages of your company website provide great opportunities to showcase your employees and their development.

With all this in mind, it’s clear how promoting and constantly evolving your employer brand can become a powerful business tool, which will be essential to you not only attracting but retaining the right talent to help your business grow and succeed. For more information on how to attract the right talent for a specific role, check out our how to hire pages.

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