The Benefits of Hiring a Recent Graduate

Top 10 reasons to hire a recent graduate There are firms which have built their growth strategies and ongoing success around hiring graduates. And yet there are others which are entirely bereft of young talent. At TalentPool, we champion graduates by highlighting the value they can bring to companies of all sizes. Here are 10 … Continued

How to Manage Job Applications

How to manage your candidate applications Once applications to your role start coming in, it’s best to make contact with your candidates as soon as possible, whether it be to reject them or invite them to interview. Chances are candidates will be sending out multiple applications, so it’s important to act fast so that your … Continued

How to Make A Job Offer

Successfully making a job offer So you and your team have agreed on the candidate you’d like to offer your role to – hooray! But, not so fast – it isn’t finalised yet. You need to make sure you act quickly here and seal the deal before your perfect candidate accepts an offer from elsewhere. … Continued

How to Interview Graduates

How to successfully interview recent graduates It goes without saying that the interview is the most important step of the whole recruitment process. Having narrowed down your pool of graduate talent to the handful who, on paper, appear to be the perfect fit for your role – it’s now time to get to know the … Continued

How to Keep Your New Graduate Employee Happy

Retaining your graduate hire So, you’ve recently hired a graduate. They are proving to be valuable asset to your company; learning quickly, bringing in fresh ideas and they fit right in with the rest of the team. Next up is the ‘loyalty challenge’ – how can you encourage your new hire to stay? Recent graduates … Continued

How to Prepare For Your New Employee

How to prepare for your new graduate hire From the moment they accepted your job offer, your new recruit will have been thinking about their first day in their new job. Starting a new job is an exciting, important and daunting prospect at any stage in your career, and never more so than right at … Continued

Tutoring Roles

How to hire a graduate for a tutoring role Candidate profile: A patient individual who cares about others and wants to see them do well. They should be persistent in order to get good results from their tutee yet also able to put them at ease, all whilst remaining highly professional. No particular degree is … Continued

Software Development Roles

How to hire a graduate for a Software Development role Candidate profile: A logical thinker with basic computer science skills and a passion for code. They should be a perfectionist with great attention to detail and very patient – bugs and design glitches will occur frequently no matter the company so it’s important the candidate … Continued

Sales Roles

How to hire a graduate for a Sales role Candidate profile: A highly confident, target-driven and energetic individual with excellent communication skills and ambition. Sales is largely based on personality, skills and attitude so degree type is not important. Top skills: Rapport building Confidence Ambition Negotiation Speaking on the phone Non-office experience Front of house … Continued

Analysis & Research Roles

How to hire a graduate for a role in Research and Analytics Candidate profile: A sharp and interested individual who can demonstrate a logical and analytical thought process and who above all posesses a willingness to learn quickly on the job. They should be a proactive problem solver who is happy and able to take … Continued