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Recruit the best interns for your company
Access top graduates who are engaged and the perfect fit for your intern role
Why use TalentPool to recruit interns?
The best intern candidates for you
We have a diverse and constantly refreshing active candidate community meaning that whatever your requirements we can give you access to the specific people you are looking for to grow your business
Innovative matching engine
Our innovative matching engine only markets your role to candidates who are looking for an internship in your sector. This means that you will receive a shortlist of relevant engaged candidates to review and interview in a matter of hours.
Great value
We operate a transparent pricing model with no surprise costs or subscription fees. Priced fairly, our fees allow you to recruit an intern at a significantly lower cost than via a recruitment agency or jobs board.
Used by over 500 companies
How TalentPool works
The best way to recruit high quality graduate interns
Social Media
Careers Services
Campus Events
Student Societies
Print Advertising
Matching Engine
We source candidates from across the country
With graduates from over 250 accredited universities worldwide, we have a truly diverse candidate community. We work closely with universities, societies and directly marketing to the graduate community to constantly grow this network.
We match your intern role to the perfect candidates
Take the uncertainty out of recruiting an intern and control who you market to. Our matching algorithim takes into account both the employer and candidate criteria for roles meaning that you will be contacting the most engaged and relevant candidates for your intern role.
You receive a small number of quality applications
With TalentPool you won't be swamped with applications. Our process aims to deliver you with a focused shortlist of candidates that you will want to meet with, making the whole process of recruiting an intern much more efficient.
Access great intern candidates
Our candidates are some of the best graduates with diverse backgrounds and experience
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Top 40
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Humanities & Social Sciences
Economics & Business
Maths & Engineering
Art & Design
Banking & Finance
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Operations & Administrative
Research, Policy & Technical
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“TalentPool is a god-send. It is by far the most effective and easy to use tool out there for recruiting.”
We offer two pricing options.
Excluding VAT
  • Cost-effective option
  • Easy to budget for
  • Independent of starting salary
Base Salary
Excluding VAT
  • Lower-risk option
  • Optionally spread over 6 months (at 10% of base salary)
“TalentPool generated us a series of top quality, highly focussed leads with no fuss that we were able to follow up immediately.”
Petko | Managing Director
“Highly recommended for SMEs - TalentPool is a quick & easy way to access and hire top graduate talent. We're massive fans!”
George | Partnership Director
“TalentPool were able to tailor my requirements to my exact specifications and I found the whole process extremely easy and the system simple to use. Through TalentPool we found an outstanding member of staff.”
Amy | Group Managing Director
“With TalentPool, everyone we speak to has the required skills and experience for the job. Ensuring that quality lets us get on with finding the perfect candidate without wasting time.”
George | Founder and Creative Director
“I met Sam at a TalentPool event; it's refreshing to have an alternative to the traditional CV screening method. As the number of companies and candidates is limited we can actually get to know them, which doesn't always happen at a traditional recruitment fair.”
Constança | Head of Talent
Common Questions
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Do I have to pay anything up front in order to launch a campaign?
Only if you choose to. We have two pricing options; fees up front and fees on hire. We also offer a financing option to spread the on-hire cost over 6 months.
Where do you source your members from?
We find candidates so you don't have to. We spend a huge amount of time and effort to make sure our membership is right for our clients, and are very targeted in who we market to.
How can you be sure that the information that candidates give is accurate?
We make it clear to new members that by joining TalentPool they are, in effect, making a job application. As a result, experience has shown that they enter accurate information.
How can I be sure that I won’t be inundated with applications?
We do not advertise our roles publicly, only those candidates we approach can apply, which automatically limits the number of potential applications.
What happens if I hire through TalentPool and then decide they aren’t quite right?
We offer a 10 week sliding scale rebate (subject to terms & conditions) There is no rebate for Upfront fees.
Why is the fee on hire price so low? Is there a catch?
This is because of the process and software so there isn’t a catch. We pass on the cost savings that our platform offers to our clients, it's that simple.