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An organisation working in some of the world's poorest regions to give every child access to free education.

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United World Schools uses TalentPool to find top talent through our Hire to Give scheme.

The educational charity, United World Schools, has been growing rapidly over the past year. With an aim to reach 50,000 children in marginalised communities with education by 2020, acquiring the right talent quickly will be an important component to their success. Through TalentPool, United World Schools were able to quickly launch their campaign for a Development Associate and receive a shortlist of relevant candidates to review within a few days. Shortage of time and traditionally high recruitment costs are pains commonly experienced by Third Sector employers - through our Hire to Give initiative charities like United World School are able to hire for half the cost of for-profit companies. Our easy-to-use interface and simple process makes hiring a less daunting task for those tasked with hiring to build their teams for the first time, as Emma was. Helen, who was successfully hired through our platform, has now also taken over part of the recruitment responsibility.

Hiring through Talentpool was really easy. We always get lots of applicants, and as a small organisation we just don't have the capacity to sift through them. The TalentPool system took away so much of the admin, leaving us with more time to fundraise for our schools
Emma Tierney
Associate Director for Development