Why London is a Great City to Establish Your Career in

Tara Sallis

¼ of UK graduates get their first job in London, and this city can be a great place to kick start your career as it is a hub of young talent and opportunities!

There are lots of great start-up and SME jobs, paid internships and entry level roles available in London throughout the year, so it definitely worth including it in your job hunt. In this article we look at 6 sectors, and why London is a great place to establish your career in these industries.


With a huge annual design festival and lots of museums and exhibitions, there is no better place to keep up with the latest trends in design than London. Design jobs in London are benefiting from the strength of the tech industry that creates loads of exciting opportunities for entry level designers to build their skills creating websites and branding for growing companies!

Top start-ups:

  • PixelLounge - a company that aims to bring 3D printing to everyone by creating downloadable 3D models
  • Marvel - a company that provides quick prototyping tools and makes giving feedback on these designs easy


London’s insurance industry is at the cutting edge of the sector. The London Market Group makes London insurance unique and drives innovation like the recent turn towards electronic trading, so it is definitely an exciting place to take up an insurance graduate job.

Top start-ups:

  • Deemly - a company that provides a reputation and social verification tool for peer-to-peer marketplaces
  • Laka - a company developing a community-based model for bicycle insurance


London is the world’s top financial centre, so if you are looking for a job in finance then London is the place to go! It has two main financial districts: the Square Mile and Canary Wharf, both of which are packed with established finance names including the London Stock Exchange, Lloyds of London and the Bank of England.

Top start-ups:

  • Atom Bank - this was the first digital bank to get its licence and launching an app in 2016
  • Revolut - a mobile wallet app that helps customers to avoid fees when sending and receiving money in foreign currencies


If you want a graduate role in tech, then London definitely has a lot to offer. The East London Tech City, with its ‘Silicon Roundabout’ there is a cluster of high tech start-ups and established digital companies. Google recently decided to put their HQ there, finding themselves among other tech giants like Cisco and Facebook.

Top start-ups:

  • Gousto - a cook-at-home food subscription service that delivers ingredients for customers to cook with
  • Nested - a company that helps customers move house by handling everything from valuation to marketing


All the major UK television networks have their HQs in London including ITV, the BBC and CNN International. On Fleet Street, many of the main national newspapers can be found and Soho houses a world-leading post-production industry. London is a real hub when it comes to careers in the media!

Top start-ups:

  • SuperAwesome - a company that have created a kid-safe digital media platform that helps tackle issues of safety and privacy
  • 7DM Studios - a vertically integrated feature film production company


The growth of the creative and digital sectors in London has fed into the development of the marketing industry. There are marketing agencies of all sizes in this city, allowing innovative new firms to vie with established companies and making this a really exciting place to look for a graduate marketing role.

Top start-ups:

  • Jellyfish - a digital marketing agency that featured on the Times International Track 200 List
  • Passion Digital - a marketing agency that is growing fast specializing in SEO and PPC services