Our guides for employers and candidates on how to navigate the entry-level job market.

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Our guides for employers and candidates on how to navigate the entry-level job market.
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What’s the Most Important Thing in Your Next Job?

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Talent Trends

Merry Christmas from all of us at TalentPool! We’ve got one final Talent Trends for you before we head into 2019 – we hope you’re looking forward to the New Year as much as we are!

This week we’re continuing with the analysis of our personality questions. With the new year and plenty of new jobs, just around the corner we’ve had a look at what is most important to candidates in their next role.

What’s the Most Important Thing in Your Next Job? 💼

The results

The responses we’ve received have revealed that a whopping 50% of candidates are looking for career progression and prospects of promotion in 2019. This is followed by 22% of candidates who are most concerned with finding a role that will provide them with the knowledge that they are doing something that will help others. The alternative considerations for job hunters are a diverse and inclusive company culture, which was selected by 15% of people and having a say in what they work on and how they work, which was chosen by only 13%.

So what?

It’s perhaps rather unsurprising that the opportunity for career progression came out on top. Candidates will, most likely, be looking for a number of different things in their next job, however, it’s common knowledge that millennials are known for job-hopping and the motivation for this moving around often stems from a desire to progress quickly. If candidates feel as though a role will provide them with no chance of promotion it’s unlikely that they’ll accept it. Instead, they’ll explore other avenues in search of the recognition and progression that they’re after.
It’s encouraging to see that for 22%, the knowledge that they are doing something that will help others is the most important thing for them in their next job. This demonstrates that young professionals aren’t entirely focused on progression and income. This belief goes hand in hand with the 15% of candidates who prioritise a diverse and inclusive company culture when looking for a new job.

What may be a little more surprising is the fact that only 13% of people were concerned with the importance of having a say in what they work on and how they work!

It’s clear that individuals prioritise rather different concerns when job hunting today, compared to a decade ago. However, it’s reassuring to see that young professionals are highly motivated and driven to succeed, whilst also maintaining a concern for others.

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Post written by Connie Evans, Content Writer at TalentPool