What is the Most Popular Working Environment?

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This week, we took a look at what kind of work environment candidates find most attractive. As employers, we all want to create a positive environment where our employees feel both happy and motivated. But what is it that candidates look for in a workplace when applying for their next job? Let's take a look at the results: 

What is the most popular working environment?💻

The results

Because individuals work differently (of course), we anticipated that there would be a pretty wide variation of answers to this question and that is the case. There is a relatively even split across three of the possible answers with 31% of candidates selecting the best environment as somewhere where employees operate as individuals but are still focused on succeeding as a team, 32% of candidates chose an environment where no two days are the same and, finally, 28% answered an environment where building relationships and collaboration are crucial to success.

The option that proved less popular, having been chosen by only 9% of candidates, was an environment where targets are clearly set and there are deadlines to work to.

It’s clear to see that the role played by our candidates' fellow employees in their work environment is important in order to ensure that they are working to the best of their abilities. 28% of candidates recognise the relationships they build with their team members as a crucial element of a productive working environment. This isn’t particularly surprising considering we spend a massive amount of time with our coworkers!.

Our candidates also prefer working in environments that provide variety, where no two days are the same - a repetitive environment doesn't keep employees engaged and enthusiastic about their work. It’s a little surprising that candidates aren’t necessarily driven by clear targets and deadlines, perhaps support from fellow team members and a collaborative working style is more engaging and encourages greater levels of productivity in the workplace.

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Post written by Connie Evans, Content Writer at TalentPool