What is an Operations Manager?

Connie Evans

Operations roles are often overlooked by graduates, however, they can provide a great insight into the workings of a business and offer a range of transferable skills should you wish to opt for a career or sector change further down the line.

An Operations Manager is an ideal role for an individual who graduated between 3-4 years ago and has since been establishing themselves in an operations role. Operations Management, as the name might suggest, concerns designing and controlling the production process within a company. The role is all about efficiency and ensuring that business operations run smoothly and without fault. As new opportunities for growth are recognised, the Operations Manager will take charge of organising their team in order to implement the new and efficient strategies and processes required to achieve such growth.

If you’re contemplating a move into the operations field once you have graduated and like the sound of an Operations Manager role, there are a number of different junior positions that you should be on the lookout for, which may then allow you to progress into a managerial role. These include Junior Operations Executive, Junior Operations Manager and Junior Operations Analyst. Each of these roles will allow you to gain initial insight into working as part of the Operations Team within a company, whilst allowing you to develop some of the more advanced skills required for an Operations Manager role.

At the other end of the spectrum, you may be wondering what opportunities may be available once you are ready to move on from an Operations Manager position. Successful Operations Managers can go on to become Directors of Business Operations, Strategic Planning Managers and even Chief Operating Officer (COO). You will also pick up a range of skills in an operational role that are relevant to a number of other sectors. As a result, if you decide to make a career change in the future you shouldn't find it too tricky (if you are considering a career change check out our Handbook article for our advice!).

If you like the sound of an operations role and would be interested in more information on the pros and cons of operations roles, check out our page in the TalentPool Candidate Handbook.