What is an Account Manager?

Connie Evans

Are you struggling to decide what industry you’d like to go into after you graduate? An Account Management role may be an ideal position for you to work towards; a wide variety of sectors require account managers and their role covers a multitude of different tasks.

Account Managers are often the first point of contact for clients and customers, particularly in business to business (B2B) services. There are sales, customer service and administrative elements to most account management roles, making them varied and fast paced positions.

The technicalities of the role will often depend on the industry you work in and the company you work for. Account managers are required in industries such as media, finance and advertising. The industry will dictate how many clients each account manager is responsible for - it can range from one or two, to hundreds.

In order to work your way up to an Account Manager role, it is common for graduates to start off in more junior positions such an Account Executive or a Junior Account Manager. You will need a number of skills to acquire these entry-level roles such as excellent communication skills, as liaising with clients by phone, email and in person is a huge aspect of the role. You should also be confident with selling, as in some industries an account management role is an extension of a sales role, whereby you will need to split your time between attracting new business and acquiring new clients, whilst also ensuring that you maintain an excellent relationship with existing clients. As a result, any previous experience in a customer service or people-facing role will be beneficial when applying to these more junior roles.

One of the most attractive elements of an Account Manager role is the flexibility it offers. Due to the need for Account Managers across many different industries, once you have acquired the crucial skills of communication, selling, flexibility and working under pressure, you are likely to have the luxury of being able to move between sectors and embark on career changes if you feel as though you’re in the wrong industry (if you’re considering a career change check out this Handbook article for our top tips!).

If Account Management sounds like it might be a good fit for you, take a look at our article in the TalentPool Candidate Handbook for even more information!