What are the most commonly used words on TalentPool?

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Before we get into our latest edition of Talent Trends, we want to take this opportunity to announce that TalentPool has launched Cilla, our next generation machine-learning-driven matching engine! 🎉

Over the past 8 months, we have harnessed over 2 million interactions made between candidates and employers on our platform and incorporated 20,000+ feedback points to improve our matching engine.

Cilla will enable us to use the most advanced statistical techniques to drive automated matches between candidates and roles by taking a wider range of factors, such as individual personality and company culture, into consideration.

This means that hiring through TalentPool will be a faster, easier, and more satisfying process than ever before!


Now, onto the data analysis…

As you know, a lot of job descriptions get uploaded to our platform. For this week's Talent Trends, we decided to take a look at which words are most commonly used by employers in their job adverts to attract candidates to apply for their roles.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the results:


What are the Most Commonly Used Words in job descriptions on TalentPool?💬

Unsurprisingly “looking” is the most common word used in the job descriptions (almost all job descriptions tend to start with “We are looking for a …”).

Some of the words are clearly specific to the job in question e.g. "operations", "sales", "internship", "consultant", "marketing". Whilst a lot of the remaining words are positive adjectives e.g. "exceptional", "exciting", "enthusiastic", "ambitious" used to describe either the ideal candidate’s attributes or the company/role in question.

There aren’t really any words in here that we wouldn’t expect to see in a job description (which is a good thing!), but we thought it was pretty interesting to see which words are chosen to describe a role and make it stand out.


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Post written by Grace Dillon, Content Writer at TalentPool