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Our guides for employers and candidates on how to navigate the entry-level job market.
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What are TalentPool’s Female Candidates Interested In?

Talent Trends

In honour of last week’s International Women’s Day, we decided to use this week’s Talent Trends to look at the Top 10 sector interests of our female candidates.

Whilst International Women’s Day was a day to acknowledge the challenges that women continue to face, it was also an opportunity to celebrate how much women have achieved: there are more women in work than ever, and women are increasingly building their own businesses. What’s more, these companies are rapidly proving to be leaders in their industries and are doing great things. As part of our celebrations here at TalentPool, we collaborated with the team at Vestpod to create a list of 50 such brilliant companies, which we’d recommend you take a look at.

As we continue to celebrate the women who are using their strengths and passion to build meaningful careers, let’s take a look at the Top 10 most popular sectors amongst the 30,000+ female TalentPool candidates who are waiting to do the same:

What are TalentPool’s Female Candidates Interested In?

As we can see, the most popular sector amongst our female candidates is Entertainment, which was chosen by 3,503 candidates. Film and Television comes in at a very close second, being selected by 3,497 candidates. Marketing is third, Technology fourth and Events fifth. In the latter half of the Top 10 are Advertising, Public Relations and Communications, News Media, Publishing, and Consulting and Advisory.

There is little numerical difference between the 10 most popular sectors: a mere 259 candidate sector likes separates first place Film and Television from tenth place Consulting and Advisory, which was chosen by 3,244 of our female candidates.

So what?

The variety of the sectors in the Top 10 shows that TalentPool’s female candidates are not drawn to one particular industry: their interest towards a range of different career possibilities is emphasised by the fact that the ten most popular sectors are separated by a relatively small number of candidates.

These results show that our female candidates have a wide set of interests and aspire to build careers in a diverse range of sectors.

What’s got us talking this week?

📚 Nearly 4 in 10 small business leaders on Facebook are women | Campaign

This article discusses how research undertaken by social media giant Facebook found that 39% of users who own or run a small business are women. The article refers to the importance of mentorship and technology to supporting women in business. A brief but very encouraging read!

📚 Is ecommerce the future of work for creative women, or just a side-hustle? | Real Business

In this post, Hanne Dinkel talks about how women have transformed freelance design from a hobby, to a side-hustle, to big business. Using Spreadshirt as a case study, Dinkel presents how women are changing the face of the creative industry and achieving remarkable success whilst doing so.

📚 Camden Town Brewery designs inspiring women football strip for local club | The Drum

In celebration of International Women’s Day, Camden Brewery and Camden Town FC created a kit featuring some of the town’s most famous past residents. Portraits of Dame Barbara Hepworth MBE, Buchi Emecheta MBE, Sylvia Plath, and Dame Millicent Fawcett MBE, appear on the jersey of this colourful tribute. With stunning illustrations by Bodil Jane, we thought this was a really cool way of marking the occasion!


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Post written by Grace Dillon, Content Writer at TalentPool