Top 10 London-based Education Charities


Everyday, charities around the world build more inclusive and resilient societies by advancing human endeavour and promoting the rights of the underprivileged and marginalised. Amazing work, right?

To mark this year’s International Day of Charity, we’re highlighting charities based in London who are undoubtedly making their mark in the education sector. These groundbreaking charities advance the learning and growth of young people all over the world. They empower young people through education, opening professional doors for them and giving them the confidence to reach their full potential 🤓

So, read on for our top 10 London-based charities in the education sector. They’re an impressive bunch!

The International Day of Charity recognises organisations and supporters around the world that go above and beyond to help vulnerable groups.

Emma TierneyAssociate Director – United World Schools

Coach Bright

Coach Bright offers educational and personal coaching for people aged 10-30 from disadvantaged backgrounds. With their leadership, resilience and professional training programmes, they help students and young professionals thrive. Their biggest schools programme, which involves pairing Year 7-13 students with a university student or senior pupil for personal coaching, has proven success in raising grades, improving confidence and boosting independence!


Research shows that children who read are happier, academically advantaged, more empathetic and more creative - so thank goodness for BookTrust! Operating across England, Northern Ireland and Wales, the charity is dedicated to getting children reading early in life. BookTrust’s numerous initiatives include sending new-baby families book packs, organising author tours, stocking school libraries and providing appropriate books and resources for blind and deaf children.

Reading is for everyone and BookTrust is passionate about ensuring that each and every child gets the opportunities and benefits that reading brings. As the UK’s largest children’s reading charity we are determined that all children, regardless of their background, have access to books.

Diana GeraldCEO – BookTrust

Think Global

Think Global helps young people learn about global issues, with the goal of developing a more just and sustainable world. The charity provides training and resources to educators to help them promote a ‘global learning’ approach in students: an awareness of global issues like poverty, inequality and environmental sustainability when tackling any problem. Increasingly important, if you ask us!

Debate Mate Schools

Debate Mate Schools aims to empower students and combat educational disadvantage in Britain’s poorer communities. Their popular core programme involves training university students to run extra-curricular debate clubs in schools where more than the average percentage of children are eligible for Free School Meals. Each week 6,000 students across 300 schools around the world take part in Debate Mate after-school clubs. These programmes improve students’ speaking, listening, critical thinking and teamwork as well as develop their confidence and leadership ability, boosting their future potential and aspirations. Pretty cool, right?

Debate Mate is a global business with social change as its purpose. We teach key skills from the classroom to the boardroom, equipping people of all ages and backgrounds with the ability to communicate (listen and speak), to lead, to work strategically in a team, to think critically and creatively, while developing resilience, self-esteem and confidence.

Joseph O'TooleExecutive Programme Director – Debate Mate

Action Tutoring

Action Tutoring provides academic tutoring at primary and secondary level for disadvantaged students. With quality volunteer tutors across the curriculum, the charity is committed to helping students from every background reach their best! Their head office is in London - but they operate across the UK, with outposts in Birmingham, Newcastle and Sheffield, among others.

I’m really pleased. Action Tutoring really boosted my confidence and helped me remember all the important things for my exam. It helped me with punctuation and grammar – it sounds like basic things but it's really valuable for the exams.

AdamAn Action Tutoring pupil in London

United World Schools

United World Schools partners with local communities and supporters to provide children in the world’s poorest countries with access to education. Through their four key initiatives – building schools, training teachers, providing education and improving hygiene – they have educated more than 30,000 children and trained more than 750 teachers since 2008.

United World Schools believes that education transforms lives. This is why we work in areas where children would have no other access to a school. All of our students are from extremely remote villages in Cambodia, Myanmar and Nepal; many belong to minority groups and speak indigenous languages. Working in partnership with communities, we to teach these children to read, write and count, following their national curriculum.

Emma TierneyAssociate Director – United World Schools


Inspire! runs programmes in primary and secondary schools in the poorest areas of London – especially the Boroughs of Hackney, Camden and Islington. The charity aims to improve children’s access to the world of work by providing careers education and work placements with employers – which also raises students’ aspirations and boosts their future career prospects! In 2017 to 2018 alone, Inspire! reached more than 15,000 children.

The Access Project

The Access Project aims to help bright disadvantaged students gain access to top universities. Not only does the charity coordinate specialised academic tutoring, it provides dedicated Access Project staff members in schools to offer mentoring and support throughout the university application process – with great results. A young person who has participated in The Access Project’s programme is more than twice as likely to go to a top university than another student with a similar background and academic history.


Ark’s educational arm, Ark Schools, strives to close the achievement gap between children from economically disadvantaged and more privileged backgrounds. With its network of 38 primary and secondary schools across the UK (and beyond!), equipped with specially trained teachers, the charity provides young people with academic support and opportunities for personal development. And it pays off! The percentage of disadvantaged students going from sixth form at an Ark school to university is double the national average. A large charity, Ark also runs international, non-education programmes focusing on health in sub-Saharan Africa and child protection in eastern Europe.

Sir John Cass's Foundation

A true London institution, Sir John Cass’s Foundation supports the education of London students. Its grant programme gives money to disadvantaged students and educational institutions and organisations catering to disadvantaged students – and the Foundation also runs a number of its own institutions. Founded in 1748, the Foundation has been promoting Londoners’ education for over 200 years!


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This post was written by Maddie Ballard, Digital Content Intern at TalentPool.