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Our guides for employers and candidates on how to navigate the entry-level job market.
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Top 10 Companies For Workplace Culture


It’s no secret that a decent salary and a 5 pm finish just doesn’t cut it for a large proportion of millennials in 2019. Quirky and unusual company cultures are on the rise as employers are stepping up their game to attract and keep their employees.

Now, more than ever before, it’s clear that employers should be focussing on their organisational culture in order to match their prospective and current employees’ expectations. The question that most employers will be asking themselves is just how do you start building an awesome workplace culture in 2019?

Nick Matthews, General Manager at Culture Amp advises that “companies should start with their organisation’s values – and values that are lived rather than just written down and never used“. It’s helpful to think about it not as an exercise in creating values, but in uncovering existing ones. Nick stresses the fact that “it’s all about talent – both hiring and retaining – with a focus not only on diversity but especially on inclusion“. So focussing on your employees’ experience and wellbeing, using feedback and data to check that you are on track, is essential.

Building a great workplace culture is a long process, and continual work needs to be done to maintain it. It’s important to listen to your employees and find out what really drives them. From short work weeks to discounted holidays, these are the companies that we think really stand out at the moment in terms of their unique offerings to their employees and the great cultures that they have managed to create.

Culture Amp: A role dedicated to diversity

Culture Amp (of course they made our list!) is a surveying platform making it easier for employers to collect, understand and act on employee feedback. For a company whose goal is to help other businesses put culture first, it’s unsurprising that they have a great company culture of their own! Culture Amp really stresses the fact that “organisations are made up of people rather than resources”. They even have a specific role dedicated to maintaining a great company culture – a Head of Diversity and Inclusion. This role isn’t given to just one member of the team, instead, it’s a rotating role which employees can volunteer to take on for a certain length of time.

Charlie HR: Employees first

Charlie HR believe that as little time as possible should be spent on admin and other boring tasks (we agree!) so more time can be spent nurturing employees to get create the best teams. They’re also big on personal growth, with an annual budget of £500 per team member, as they strongly encourage their employees to strive to be the best at what they do. A big part of their ethos is about working hard to unlock what is at the heart of each individual, as they believe this is the key to their company’s success.

Normally: A four day working week

Normally have enhanced their company culture by introducing a short working week for their employees, allowing them to work four days a week, every week! This isn’t an optional extra, or on the condition that employees work later on a few days each week, this is a strictly enforced rule in the company! By making sure that their employees have a three day weekend Normally provides their team members with extra time to dedicate to doing the things they love. They believe that it makes their employees ‘happier, healthier and more productive’ – sounds pretty cool to us!

Onfido: Collaboration is the secret to success

Onfido’s culture is driven by a collaborative working style. They focus heavily on the concept of succeeding together and ask their employees to be ‘biased towards collaboration’ – which we think is pretty cool! Onfido also focuses on being proud of everything their team achieves, no matter how big or small. This increases success rates and encourages employees to consistently ‘find a better way’ in order to maintain their success and keep achieving great things!

Hostmaker: Rewarding staff leads to commitment and engagement

Hostmaker have an award-winning team and it’s no surprise, considering they have a fast-paced culture which focuses on their employee’s great decision making in order to get top results. A big part of the Hostmaker culture is making sure that everyone in the team understands the home sharing experience that the company is built on. Therefore, it seems logical (and pretty epic!) that Hostmaker offers Airbnb credit and discounts to their staff as a way of maintaining commitment and encouraging great contributions to the company which they’re keen to reward by providing plenty of opportunities for progression and promotion!

Isobar: An internal academy

Isobar pride themselves on pushing the limits of technology and creativity. They’re also keen to push the boundaries on conventional office culture. Isobar’s culture is all about continuous learning – they love their staff to be constantly inspired. As a result, they have their own Isobar Academy, which every employee has access too, to make sure that their teams are able to grow their skill sets and work together as a productive collective!

Airsorted: Working wherever suits employees best

Airsorted’s company culture is built on the idea that employee’s happiness is a priority and they should be given the freedom to work in a way that suits them – they’re pretty cool with allowing their staff to work in breakout areas, cafes and even from home but they’re also happy with people keeping it traditional and staying at their desks too.

Bloom and Wild: Cross-company working leads to growth

Bloom and Wild’s company culture has developed from five company values: delight, customers first, pride, care and innovation. As the UK’s fastest growing flower and gifting company, Bloom and Wild encourage new ideas which can help them to grow even further. Employees from all aspects of the company are welcome to attempt to find solutions to the most strategic problems as collaborative working is highly valued.

Just Eat: An endless list of opportunities

The employees are at the heart of the Just Eat culture. The company offer training courses, coaching, mentoring, webinars, professional sponsorship… and the list goes on! This endless number of opportunities are provided because at Just Eat they believe that it’s crucial for their staff to continually progress and develop in order to get the most out of their roles and maintain their enthusiasm for the business. Just Eat also follows a set of three values which perfectly express their culture and what they stand for: ‘make happy’, ‘razor sharp’ and ‘big hearted’, all of which tie together to form a pretty great and inclusive company culture!

Deliveroo: Diversity is key

It’s no surprise that Deliveroo has a pretty foody company culture! Employees keep the purpose of the business at the forefront of their minds, resulting in many people who are passionate about food and will take every chance to test it out! Deliveroo’s culture is also about recognising the privilege of being a start-up – they use it to their advantage by ensuring that diversity is woven into every aspect of the business from the ground up and isn’t simply something to be thought about at a later date.

All in all it is clear that the calibre of company cultures has sky-rocketed over recent years! Whittling our list down to just 10 was pretty tricky but we reckon that we’ve found the best of the bunch and would be pretty chuffed to secure a role at any of these great companies who really do put their employees first!

Post written by Connie Evans, Content Writer at TalentPool