The Benefits of Working for a Charity

Maddie Ballard

As we learn more about the amazing work charities do, we're more and more enthusiastic about encouraging TalentPool candidates to seek jobs in the charity sector.

The benefits are fantastic but definitely undersung. Let’s spotlight a few of the big ones.

Your work has tangible outcomes

Working for a charity, especially a smaller one, often means you get to skip the bureaucracy and sense of ‘disconnect’ so widespread in big corporations. Unlike in, say, a huge multinational insurance firm, your personal aims and achievements are clear. There’s a concrete result to your efforts that’s not simply increasing profit and you’ll likely see the direct impact of your work – which is both satisfying and empowering. You’ll also be contributing to something bigger than yourself through your work, creating opportunities for those who wouldn’t otherwise have them.

Your role is generally varied

For charities to run as efficiently as possible, everyone needs to pull their weight and, especially in smaller charities, wear multiple hats. As a result, charity roles tend to be dynamic and broad – so they’re a great fit if you like day-to-day variety and the scope for creative thinking.

Your job is stable

Of course, you won’t make as much money in the charity sector as you would in, say, consulting. But you will work for a fantastic cause and feel naturally committed to and engaged with your work – making you invaluable to your employer. As a result, job stability in the charity sector is excellent. Unlike in a big corporation, you’re not an easily replaceable employee – meaning you’re more likely to remain and steadily progress within a charity.

You get the ‘warm fuzzies’

One of the best-known benefits of charity work is the personal fulfilment it allows. Working for a charity involves trying to improve life for vulnerable communities and individuals. It’s about helping others – and as such it’s a naturally rewarding sector. You’ll have a clear sense of purpose and value, which might make you a happier person – as well as a contributor to a valuable cause.

You might get to travel

Charity jobs can involve travel. Of course, this is not a holiday. If you’re travelling to Myanmar to set up a school for underprivileged children, you’re not going to be swanning around a resort drinking cocktails. However, travel can still be a fascinating bonus if you love seeing new parts of the world and learning about different ways of life.

Your work is people-focused

Charity jobs are naturally people-focused and charities usually have very tight-knit teams. This makes them immensely socially fulfilling places to work – so if you enjoy working with others, they may be ideal for you!

Working for a charity can be a deeply rewarding job, full of unique perks and personal growth – so if you’re looking for something new, think seriously about it! We've just started advertising charity roles on TalentPool, so if you're looking to kick-start your career at a charity make sure you sign up. To get an idea of the kind of charities we work with, check out our Top 10 London-based Education Charities list.