Mistakes You Might Be Making When Recruiting

Charlotte Warrington

Hiring quality talent is the key to a successful business, yet hiring new employees can be time consuming and complex, and can often lead to the wrong person being hired. We have put together a list of some of the mistakes you might be making when recruiting.

Job adverts

A common mistake that hiring employers make is forgetting that their job descriptions are an advert for their role. If you do not have enticing job adverts that accurately state what you are looking for and makes the position and company sound exciting, it is less likely that you will attract a suitable candidate with the qualities and skills needed. The job should be well detailed and defined, otherwise it is inevitable that the person you get will be the wrong fit. Also focus your adverts more on what is required in terms of performance, rather than a list of skills. This will help you to attract a more diverse group of people, who may not tick all the ‘skills’ boxes, but will perform better at the task in hand. 

Recruiting is a two way process and you must also persuade the candidate that they should work for you. People are increasingly looking for companies that they can fit in to, so highlighting the company culture is important. Reference any benefits and perks of working for the company such as health insurance or flexible times, as well as opportunities for professional development.

Focusing too much on qualifications and skills

A candidate may have all the suitable qualifications and skills but this does not ensure that they are suitable. There is rarely going to be a candidate who is a perfect match to the job description and so it is just as important to find a candidate who has attitudes and values that align with that of the company. To do this, consider focusing less on finding the ‘perfect’ candidate that checks the right boxes and focusing more on learning about the candidate. You should consider whether they are a good personality fit to the dynamic of the company.  

Not asking the right interview questions

Many employers make the mistake of not conducting the interview correctly. Many interviewers spend too long describing the company and the role, rather than getting to know the candidate.  One way to avoid this is by preparing a list of interview questions beforehand so that you ensure do not miss anything important. However, you must also not ask a bland and repetitive list of closed questions that give the interviewee little opportunity to properly talk. Use the interview to get to know the candidate as much as possible by asking questions that they can expand on and therefore demonstrate their potential. Focus on the people!


Many employers fail to find the right candidate because they rush the process. Finding the right fit can take time, but it is worth it. Although screening processes save time and help to weed out unsuitable candidates, some screening processes may mean you miss some top talent - be aware of this!  Many hiring employers also fail to check the references. References provide a good insight into what the candidate is like and how they work, and former employers will usually have very valuable things to say, so this should not be ignored. Hiring the right person is important - do not settle for less!