Our guides for employers and candidates on how to navigate the entry-level job market.

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Our guides for employers and candidates on how to navigate the entry-level job market.
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Candidate Activity Over the Christmas Break

Talent Trends

Happy New Year! Welcome to the first Talent Trends of 2019, this week we’re looking at why January is the best time to hire, based off of our volume of applications and sign-ups in the new year compared to during December.

Candidate Activity Over the Christmas Break

It’s clear to see that in the lead up to Christmas and during the period between Christmas and New Year sign-ups fall to incredibly low levels. From the 20th of December onwards, the number of applications our candidates make also begins to fall rapidly.

However, almost as soon as the New Year hits both sign-ups and applications rise significantly. The second of January sees a huge spike in applications which then continues into the remainder of the month.

The data clearly shows that early January is an incredibly active time for job seeks in comparison to other months of the year! Staggeringly, one in four Brits will have finding a new job or changing their career altogether as their new year’s resolution this year!

New Client Service: Video Profiles

We are very pleased to announce the launch of our new service: Video Profiles! Our Video Profiles will help our clients gain an exceptional insight into candidates that have applied for their role, helping them to determine who to interview themselves.

Top Ten Culuture Post

We’ve also had an insightful post go live this week on the TalentPool Blog – the Top 10 Companies for Workplace Culture! We’re looking at some of the start-ups and SMEs that we admire most because of their great company culture, have a read of it here to find out more about these great workplaces!

What’s got us talking this week?

🎧 Business Wars

This week’s podcast looks at the big rivalries between business and how companies ensure that they’re continually growing in order to stay ahead of their competitors.

📚 52 Things I Learnt in 2018 | Fluxx

Tom Whitwell recalls many interesting things that he learnt throughout 2018, have a read and you’re pretty much guaranteed to learn something new too!

📚 How Warby Parker Built a 1,400 Employee Company by Focusing on Team Culture | Upsell by Jilt

In close to relation to our post on the best company cultures, this article explores how one company managed to grow their workforce from zero to 1,400 in just eight years, by putting a huge focus on team culture.

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Post written by Connie Evans, Content Writer at TalentPool