Applications Over The Bank Holiday Weekend

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This week we looked at application rates through TalentPool over the past 8 days, to understand the impact of the bank holiday on job hunting. Here are the results:

The results

As you can see, there was a significant dip in applications over the bank holiday weekend, with application numbers around 1/4 to 1/3 of what they normally are. Interestingly, this dip starts on Friday and applications more than half between Thursday and Friday.

Saturday saw the highest volume of applications over the weekend itself, with almost double the amount of applications on the Saturday as on the Monday.

When applications pick up again on Tuesday they are higher than they were on the days running up to the weekend, peaking on Wednesday.

So what?

This data unsurprisingly highlights that many people put their job search on pause for the bank holiday weekend, but resume their applications as soon as it is over. The dip on Friday may be explained by people having days off to extend the long weekend, and others winding down for the break and pausing their job applications a day early.

However, application rates do not fall to zero, so some job hunters do continue to search over the bank holiday weekend. Job hunters tail off during the whole week on the run up to the bank holiday as applications were at higher levels after the bank holiday than before. So, if you're looking to launch a role around a public holiday it's worth bearing this in mind and even holding off doing so until the holiday is over.

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Other news

On Thursday, TalentPool officially launched our Rec2Rec capability. This means that recruitment companies looking to grow their own teams are now able to advertise their role on our platform. We already have 500+  candidates seeking jobs at agencies signed up to TalentPool. So, to launch your recruitment role and start connecting with these candidates, simply sign up or send us an email us to get started.


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