Our guides for employers and candidates on how to navigate the entry-level job market.

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Our guides for employers and candidates on how to navigate the entry-level job market.
Writing a great CV
What consulting is really like
How to stand out at assesment centres
Things to remember on your first day
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Every interaction that happens on TalentPool is direct and meaningful. When an employer approaches you on TalentPool it means that you fully match the criteria that they have set out for their role and they think you'd be a pretty great fit for it. You can then decide whether to progress their role or not.

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Hi John,
An employer has picked you out as being a potential fit for their role based on your profile. Take a look at what they have to offer:
The Role
Media Associate
This is a fantastic opportunity for an enthusiastic individual to have a real impact on the business’s evolution and growth. You’ll get the opportunity to work with a diverse set of people with an amazing set of experiences in a fast-paced enivronment. Your day to day tasks will include managing and organising

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Our application process is very simple. A TalentPool employer will typically request your CV and pose two or three short questions, so the application itself should not take you long at all to compose and can be completed entirely through our platform.

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This is a fantastic opportunity for an enthusiastic individual to have a real impact on the business's evolution and growth. You'll get the opportunity to work with a diverse set of people with an amazing set of eperiences in a fast-paced environment.

We're looking for a creative and dynamic individual who cant hink fast and is willing to learn and develop. Your day-to-day responsibilities will range from planning and running social media campaigns to arranging and attending client meetings.
Opseon is a cutting edge tech startup, founded in 2015 but growing rapidly. We're a small team based in Shoreditch with big ambitions - having recently secured our lastest round fo investment, this is a very exciting time to be joining us!

Our mission is to improve the ad-buying experience for small businesses. We've partnered with some of leading ad networks to produce a platform that allows our clients to launch campaigns across a number of inventories. In addition, our AI-driven analysis tool allows companies to more intelligently allocate spend across channels.
“I signed up for TalentPool...and that week I was already receiving emails from cool, innovative companies all around London. Thanks to TalentPool for finding me a job I love - I owe you guys!”
“TalentPool was so easy to sign up for I can hardly remember doing it...two months later I had finished uni and was in my first job. The process was so effortless yet so rewarding.”

We specialise in great jobs

We're selective in the jobs that you'll hear about. These are the main sectors that you'll hear about.

Account Management
Companies need to maintain good relationships with their clients to ensure repeat business from them.
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Admin & HR
These employees operate at the heart of every business - they are responsible for the everyday running of the business.
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Analysis & Research
Companies need increasingly large data sets to be collected, analysed, and communicated with clarity.
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Banking & Finance
A fast-paced sector in which employees gain real exposure to global macro economic forces and trends.
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Business Development
Responsible for the generation and acquisition of new customers or clients - a crucial role for a growing business.
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The primary role of a consultant is to help other businesses to become more efficient and, therefore, profitable.
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Content & Social Media
An increasingly important role in which employees have great creative freedom to shape the image of a brand.
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Customer Service
One of the biggest sectors in the UK - you’ll be forming relationships with customers and helping them with any problems.
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An exciting role in which you create visual concepts to communicate ideas to captivate your company’s audience.
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The legal sector is very broad and offers a range of opportunities for you to have a significant impact on a company or individual.
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A key part of any business, persuading customers to choose your product or service over your competitors’.
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Helping businesses to build and manage their reputation by using all forms of media and communication.
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An important role in delivering the product or service that a company provides - literally operating the business.
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A rewarding role where you’re working behind the scenes to sell the company’s product or service.
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Software Development
Designing, installing, testing and maintaining software systems to make the business more efficient.
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Tutors inspire, engage and nurture their students to reach their academic potential and prepare for exams.
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“TalentPool has been great, you actually gave me the confidence to apply to jobs that I would not have otherwise looked at.
“TalentPool enabled me to find a lot of exciting small companies that were actively hiring, which would have taken ages to trawl through myself.”
“I got contacted by a company through TalentPool and got offered a job only 3 weeks after signing up to the website. Took all the stress and hassle away. Couldn't recommend enough!”
“TalentPool was really great to use as it allowed me to be contacted by jobs that I wanted by companies that wanted me. It really made the job hunt a lot easier and got me my current job really painlessly.”
“My experience was great. TalentPool didn't inundate me with emails...the application process was easy, and within two week of receiving an email from TalentPool regarding a position with a tech startup I got the job!”
“I found TalentPool extremely easy...I was always excited to receive their emails as I knew there would be something exciting that I would not have found on any other site.”

Common Questions

Have another question? Get in touch!


How much does TalentPool cost?

TalentPool is completely free for candidates to use. As a job-seeker you should never be paying to get a job.


Do you advertise unpaid jobs?

We don't think unpaid jobs are fair for anybody and so, as a policy, we don't advertise them.


Is TalentPool right for me?

TalentPool caters to candidates at all stages of their early career. From fresh graduates to those with up to 5 years experience - we’re here to help you find a role that is right for you.


Will I be inundated with random emails if I join?

No! We’ll never spam you. We’re not a jobs board or a mailing list - every interaction is direct and meaningful. When you’re approached by an employer for a role it means that they are genuinely interested in you.


What sort of employers use TalentPool?

We are used by loads of awesome companies ranging across all sectors. From tiny tech startups and small businesses, to larger media companies, digital marketing agencies, education consultancies - you name it, we’ve got it.


Where are your jobs based?

We have jobs coming in through our platform based in cities all over UK. However, since the majority of graduate and young professional jobs are based in London - so are the majority of ours! When you sign up, you’ll be asked to select your chosen location.