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How TalentPool works
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“TalentPool enabled me to find the right job very quickly and easily. I would highly recommend using the service to put you in touch with an employer who will fit both your personality and skill set, with the minimal amount of hassle.”
Emily Weldon | Deliveroo
“TalentPool was so easy to sign up for I can hardly remember doing it. After a while I received an e-mail from a company stating their interest in my profile. Two months later I had finished uni and was in my first job. The process was so effortless yet so rewarding.”
Fred Leeming | Movemeon
Hundreds of leading employers.
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“TalentPool enabled me to find a lot of exciting small companies that were actively hiring, which would have taken ages to trawl through myself. The email notifications are much more specific and less obtrusive than other recruiters.”
William Hayes | iwoca
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How much does TalentPool cost?
TalentPool is completely free for candidates to use. As a job-seeker you should never be paying to get a job.
Do you advertise unpaid jobs?
We don't think unpaid roles are fair for anybody and so, as a policy, we don't advertise them.
I've already graduated, should I bother signing up?
Absolutely! If you've recently graduated and are looking to find that perfect job to kick-start your career then you've come to the right place.
What sort of employers use TalentPool?
We are used by a loads of awesome companies ranging from tiny startups to big multi-nationals, financial services to social enterprises - you name it, we’ve got it.
Will I be inundated with random emails if I join?
No! We’ll never spam you. We’re not a jobs board or a mailing list - every interaction is direct and meaningful. When you’re shortlisted for a role it means that the employer is genuinely interested in you.
Can I control what sort of employers contact me?
When you create your TalentPool profile you’ll be asked to state your preferences - you’ll only be contact by employers that match what you’ve selected.
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